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Developed in partnership with a team of orthopedic surgeons, engineers, and physiotherapists, the XBrace™ revolutionizes the treatment of knee pain.
XBrace™ is an award-winning device built to help you walk, stand, and squat with more confidence and less pain, especially for those with weak or painful knees.
The patented spring design gives you a boost whenever you stand, while the lightweight carbon-fiber frame makes the Xbrace™ 30% lighter than traditional knee braces.

The XBrace™ benefits many users with knee pain, including but not limited to those with:

•  Osteoarthritis of the knee
•  Difficulty climbing stairs or getting up from a seated position
•  Knee pain affecting walking
•  Pain even after knee surgery
•  Physiotherapy for knee pain

Disclaimer: Individuals may experience variable benefits. Refer to a certified healthcare professional to assess your suitability for this product.

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